Digital Marketing Success Summit
The Virtual Conference for Novice Entrepreneurs
March 21 - 30, 2018
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All interviews will go live for 24 hours on the day specified at 10 am central (Chicago time).
DAY 1 : March 21, 2018 : "Planning"
Park Howell
Story marketing: How to clarify your story to grow revenue and amplify your impact
Sherri-Lee Woycik
How to create high converting Facebook ads
Daniel Burstein
Increasing conversion by engaging in customer-first marketing 

Jenn Herman
How to use Instagram for your business
Nicole Holland
How to be an amazing podcast guest
DAY 2 : March 22, 2018 : "Growth"
Nancy Gaines
How to be productive and work smarter and not harder
Kathryn Kemp Guylay
How to use a book as a lead magnet (for speaking, clients, selling a course, etc.)
Kadena Tate
How to handle all the reasons your audience doesn’t want to buy
Steve Palfreyman
How to stand out from every other marketer with your own experience funnel
Brandon Schaefer
 How to do submarine social media research on prospects to build a buyer persona before you ever reach out to them.
DAY 3 : March 23, 2018 : "Optimization"
Madalyn Sklar
How to use Twitter to Marketing your Business
Brendan Dubbels
Client Delight: The path of least resistance to more sales and customers for life.
Yetunde Shorters
How to get paid by your clients without a lot of questions. 
James Tuckerman
How to create highly compelling content in less than 90 minutes
Mike O'Neil
How to run successful LinkedIn campaigns
DAY 4 : March 26, 2018 : "Community-Building"
Melanie Deziel
Content marketing and brand storytelling
Fanny Mathecowitsch
Facebook - How to use Facebook Ads and optimize your ad spend and results.
Eric Termuende
Connection and people in an exponentially involving world
JD Gershbein
Personal Branding for Thought Leaders - personal branding strategies that will help aspiring, emerging and established thought leaders build name recognition, expand their audience, and sell more products or services.
DAY 5: March 27, 2018 : "Impact"
Tyler Anderson
How to utilize user-generated content for brands and businesses
Laura Rubinstein
Social Media Buzz- How to build a tribe and thrive online
Jason Swenk
How to position yourself as "the choice" rather than "a choice"
Josh Elledge
How and why to use social media to get traditional media and increase your authority and influence
DAY 6: March 28, 2018 : "Focus"
Victoria Reitano
Branding for careerpreneurs, entrepreneurs and beyond
AJ Wilcox
LinkedIn Advertising - Your Best Source for B2B Leads at Scale
Bri Seeley
How to bring the vision to life and Laps of Faith / entrepreneurialism
Ryan O'Donnell
Persistent Sales with Automation
DAY 7: March 29, 2018 : "Monetization"
Karen Yankovich
The importance of your Personal Brand in digital marketing, AKA, your LinkedIn Profile
Dan LeFave
Successful mindsets for better marketing and sales
Tom Schwab
How to grow your business with a targeted podcast
Sarah Anne Stewart
How to find your customers’ “buy buttons”, then create authentic and irresistible sales copy that speaks to them
DAY 8: March 30, 2018 : "Success"
Bobbi Baehne
5 things you need to know to effectively manage your social media to grow your business
Minnie von
The 10 signs you are ready to speak on a Ted X stage
Bailey Richert
How to create a virtual summit
Eric Olson
Never giving up 
William Hung
Overcoming your fears to take your next step in life
8 days / 36 talks
35 speakers / 2 workshops
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Here's What You'll Be Learning 
  •  Brand and business storytelling to bewitch your audiences
  • How marketers can think like journalists
  •  How to Get Paid Without Questions
  •  How to Power Your Marketing With User Generated Content
  •  How to create Massive Media buzz
  • How to Build Your Audience, Build Your Influence
  • How to develop compelling TED style talks
  •  How to identify the exact product your customers will want MOST 
  •  5 Things you Need to know to Effectively Manage Your Social Media to Grow your Business
  • The importance of your Personal Brand in digital marketing
  •  How to Use a Book as a Marketing Lead 
Frequently Asked Questions
 Is the Digital Marketing Success Summit really free?
Yes! You can watch all the free session interviews with every speaker when they go live from March 21 -30, 2018 at no cost. There are opportunities to upgrade your learning experience, which you'll learn more about after you register.

 Who is the Digital Marketing Success Summit for?
The Digital Marketing Success Summit was created for novice entrepreneurs and who has a desire to learn marketing and growing a business.
Hi! I'm your summit host, Eric Olson.
Business Coach for Novice Entrepreneurs
I help individuals launch their dream business: I have founded and ran three
magazine publications, an entertainment company,  and an apparel retail store.

Over the years I have discovered being persistent in business will only make it easier to achieve your goals.  Persistence will accentuate the positive, downplay the negative, and guide those who embrace it toward success. There isn’t any substitute for being persistent.  Persistence is the Key to Success!

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